Bartleby’s Poetry Corner (Poems by Bartleby Willard)

Bartleby’s Poetry Corner (Poems by Bartleby Willard)

This is the “Bartleby’s Poetry Corner. has another “Bartleby’s Poetry Corner”. That one mostly just links to this one, but it does include a few introductory words and a link to Response Poems, which is a collection of poems written in response to poems by famouser poets. It’s a game we sometimes play.

Poem Category: Nostalgia Sonnets, followed by Other Sonnets
To GB’s dad sonnet
Hike Mt Thumb sonnet
Between 2 Gs sonnet
Mark’s Yard Sonnet
Fall onto Handlebar Sonnet
Sledding Napier Park Sonnet
A Walk in the Sun Sonnet
Where’s the Vision? sonnet

Poem Category: Interacting with Melville’s “Battle-Pieces & Aspects of the War”
1 The Portent

Poem Category: Some Structured Poems
Three Poems Contemplating “Villanelle for our Time” (by FR Scott)
Fruehlings Gedicht [in German]

Poem Category: Dramatic Speeches, & Historical or Imagined Stories
St Crispin’s Day Speech (actually, Shakespeare wrote this; I just shortened it.
Stagger Lee #1

Poem Category: Pure Love, Something Deeperism, & Otherwise Metaphysical
Pure Love Poem
Old Timey Hymn
Dear God
A Series of Poems/Freewrites, all called “What is Love?”

Poem Category: Bible-based
A (failed) story of God’s eternal love

Poem Category: Political Concerns / How to live right? / Help! I can’t pull it together!
A Nation Embarrassed
Something Deeperism & the Political Moment
What does it take to actually make things better?
Making Things Better
Give Me a Real Philosophy
Next Steps
There’s Nothing Left But Work
Something Deeperism & the Political Moment
USA for Africa
Memo on Patriotism

Poem Category: To be Categorized
The Lonely Light
Small Town Boy
Wasting Time
On Stopping the Evil / My Disappointing Performance

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