Evil Containment System Advert (Rondeau)

Evil Containment System Advert (Rondeau)

Our brand new, fully-charged, patented
completely-guaranteed Containment-Lid-
can now be yours for the low intro price
of you forgiving all that shit we did!

Come on down and spin a dial or two!
Watch pride and certainty themselves undo!
Sit back and enjoy silent holy nights
of fond delight at every human soul!

The Evil pumps itself up on felt lies.
We wrap our blast-charred arms ’round while this dies.
The Evil loves not Love, though it pretend.
We wrestle undersea until this end.
No matter lofty rank or exalted height,
we’ll cool vainglory down and make one whole!!


[Bartleby’s Poetry Corner]

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