Buy Our Books!

Buy Our Books!

Superhero Novella as Amazon Kindle / in Paperback (POD) / at B&N (EPUB).
Read The First Two Chapters.

Is that book any good?
Maybe. We haven’t heard otherwise.
We haven’t heard anything, actually.

A Readable Reader is available for Kindle / .Mobi. And Nook / .Epub.
Give us another mid-May 2020 or so for the paperback edition.

A Readable Reader includes selections from the below two books, as well as from other sources. The book’s hope is reflected in its title: that these writings are fun, engaging, rewarding reads that pull readers along, so they needn’t power themselves forward, but can rely upon the (accessible!) Beauty of the words.
Here’s hoping!

For a little about “Superhero Novella” and “A Readable Reader”, and an offer for free ebook versions of either one, go to Book Give-Away, Looking for a Demographic

Love at a Reasonable Price, Volume I: First Loves:

“First Loves” Landing Page has a few introductory words and a sample.

Or you can go directly to “First Loves” on Amazon or “First Loves” on Barnes & Nobles.

No one seems to be able to get through this first book of ours.
So we’re not particularly pushing it. A Readable Reader<.u> contains several of the most reader-friendly selections of this and other works, including the untried “First Essays” below.

First Essays is also available. “First Essays” on Amazon. It should be up on Barnes and Nobles soon.
A List of Chapters with Links to Samples.
No one’s read this one, so we can’t really say.

Diary of an Adamant Seducer (tales of the current crisis at Skullvalley After Whistletown, Booksellers Extraordinaire) is next.

We set all the many old tumbling-over updates off to one side

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