Buy Our Books!

Buy Our Books!

Notice August 2020: Nobody’s read anything we’ve written.
We’d be happy to give you an ebook version of either Superhero Novella or A Readable Reader.
Email us at and let us know if you want an EPUB or MOBI version.
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We link to Amazon and Barnes & Nobles editions in the book descriptions below.
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Superhero Novella for Amazon Kindle / in Paperback (POD) / at B&N (EPUB).
Read The First Two Chapters.
General Idea: The eternal superhero lovebirds attempt to root out crime at its psychological and spiritual roots.

Is the book any good?
Yeah, pretty good.
Picks up after like the first fourth.

A Readable Reader for Amazon Kindle / at B&N (EPUB).

A Readable Reader draws selections from many sources, including the below two books. The anthology’s hope is reflected in its title: that these writings are fun, engaging, rewarding reads that pull readers along with their (accessible!) Beauty.
Here’s hoping!

For a little about Superhero Novella and A Readable Reader, and to receive a free copy of either one, go to Book Give-Away, Looking for a Demographic

Love at a Reasonable Price, Volume I: First Loves for Amazon Kindle / B&N (EPUB).
First Loves Landing Page has a few introductory words and a sample.

No one seems to be able to get through this first book of ours.
So we’re not particularly pushing it. A Readable Reader contains several of the most reader-friendly selections of this and other works, including the untried First Essays below.

First Essays at Amazon And Barnes & Nobles (EPUB)
A List of Chapters with Links to Samples.
No one’s read this one, so we can’t really say.

Upcoming: Fixing Frankenstein (Fall 2020) & NYC Journal Volume 1 (Fall 2020). When will get back to Diary of an Adamant Seducer (tales of the current crisis at Skullvalley After Whistletown, Booksellers Extraordinaire)?

We set all the many old tumbling-over updates off to one side

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