Chapters of “First Essays” (with links)

Chapters of “First Essays” (with links)

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Where are they?
Unwise Authors
Pure Love Give-Away

Sec 1: Saturday Morning Philosophizing
1a. Moments of Wisdom [The beginning: Beginning of “Moments of Wisdom”]
1b. The Things We Long For [The beginning: From “The Things We Long For”]
1c. The Structure of Human Thought / Purpose of the Author
1d. How We Learn / Against All Talk of “Philosophical Zombies”
1e. Important Notes on Practical Philosophy
1f. Two Notes on Poetic Truth
1g. A Note on Self-Deception

Sec 2: Lonesome Feeling
2a. Readerless Authors are Lonely
2b. The Law
2c. (Former) Prefatory Speech
2d. Prayer from the SAW Expatriots [Original Version: SAW Expatriots Prayer]
2e. End of “Supposing it were True” [The Whole of this essay is here: Supposing it were true]

Sec 3: Scraps of Love
[What is Love?[What is Love?]
I Love You
The Hurt in Love
A Buddhist Marriage Counselor Explains Pure Love to a Mopey Young Man]

Sec 4: A (Later) Saturday Afternoon Politics
4a. A Fun New War [A Fun New War]
4b. The Importance of Clarity
4c. A Shared Something Deeperism
4d. In a Republic

Sec 5: Harried Religion
5a. A (Failed) Story of God’s Eternal Love
5b. The Evil Things God Does

Sec 6: A Couple Pure Love Ads
[Pure Love: More Effective than Classy Sneakers
Pure Love for Sale (but Not for Pick-up or Delivery)

Sec 7: A New, Improved Manhattan Project
7a. Introductory Ode
7b. Preliminary Worries
7c. The Proposal
7d. Some Tips for the Geniuses

Sec 8: Short Sketches of the Hurt / the Evil
[To be Someone Who Cooks Green Beans
Temporary Insanity
Still its only Wishing
Wounds without an Audience
Blogging the Hurt
His Sickness
A Consistent Evil
On Stopping the Evil / My Disappointing Performance
Dear God in the Highest
Play for Sarah]

Sec 9: Errant Philosophers
9a. The Prophet of the Irreducible Rends his Garment
9b. The Something Deeperist & the Lech
9c. Freedom of Will
9d. Amoeba Salvation
9e. A Theory of Mind
9f. “The Myth of Sisyphus” and Something Deeperism [This is the original version: Myth of Sisyphus Essay
The version in the book is longer and (hopefully) clearer.]

Sec 10: Last Minute Entries
[Say People
Deep in the Americas
Info Age Sins
The Failure of Something Deeperism
Living with the Hurt]

Sec 11: A Little More Philosophizing
11a. Plato & Bartleby Exchange Texts
11b. On Philosophical Systems
11c. A Something Deeperist Writes a Deeperist
11d. Anti-Corruption/-Madness, Pure Kindjoy

Sec 12: Political Exhaustion
12a. What to do / First-Things-First Campaign
12b. The Worry Grows: Impeachment Trial in the Ophthalmologist Waiting Room
12c. Abortion & Government / What about a Work-Around?? [Abortion & Gov / A Work Around??]
12d. An Abandoned Preface to “First Loves”

Sec 13: Excess Something Deeperism
13a. Something Deeperism Minus Metaphysics?
13b. Intro to Something Deeperism
13c. Pure Love Factory Farm Corporate Metaphysics

Sec 14: Why Something Deeperism? Simple! It’s Rivals are Self-Defeating and it isn’t!!

Sec 15: A Last-Minute Ad for Pure Love

Sec 16: End of the Book / What Comes Next

Sec 17: Bonus Essay
17a. Platonic Therapy
17b. Three Models of Knowledge
17c. Two Attempts at an Experiential Ontological Argument for God’s Existence
17d. The Greatest Commandment
17e. Philotexting
17f. You Know What?

Sec 18: Standard Theory of Pure Love

Sec 19: Fragments of Something Deeperism

Sec 20: A Glossary

Sec 21: Outtakes & Footnotes

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