Supposing it were True

Supposing it were True

Supposing we chose to accept the general worldview that there is a Light shining through each conscious moment and we can and should organize our ideas and feelings meaningfully (though of course not perfectly) around It, allowing It to organize or ideas and feelings more and more meaningfully around Itself, so that It flows more and more directly through us out into the world.

Supposing that were the case.

What then?

There is a wounded child within, crumpled up upon himself.

There is a frailness all through, meek and afraid.

Loving Kindness practice is pushing out from within. It is standing up straight and tall within yourself and opening your chest, abdomen, sex, all of you. It asking the Light in at the shoulders, along the sternum, the belly button, the sex; asking the Light in all through. And pushing out from within, beaming the Light everywhere. It is seeing the inside and outside, the whole shape of other people, and willing the Light within them to explode through all the boundaries, as It does yours.

Loving Kindness practice is asking the God of your understanding to lift everyone up, to make us all well and allow us all to see ourselves and one another as we really are: thin clothes draped over the brightest most mirthfully giggling all-uplifting Light.

Now Bartleby Willard, mortally wounded in the Battle against Loneliness, trips down beneath the waves. He won’t die. He can shape shift at will. He’ll turn a great blue whale with a million tons of blood to slowly bleed and a rubbery blubbery six-feet-thick skin to slowly heal. He won’t die; daydreams can’t die, though sometimes they settle to the bottom of a wide soft sandy ocean floor, where they go powdery, turn to sediment, becoming a millimeter of dust spread out for a thousand miles in every direction thousands of feet down, with cold heavy waters pressing down, with the gods splash-bouncing way up on the carefree sunny-day surface in the form of dragon-scaled porpoises. Ah well, ah well, ah well.

Author: BW
Editor and confidant: AW
Copyright holder and innocent bystander: AMW

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