Evil Genius Jesus

Evil Genius Jesus

Jesus Christ engineered how many wars?
Jesus Christ demanded the Spanish Inquisition.
Jesus Christ was agitating for the conquests of the New World, the subjugation of the Natives.
Jesus Christ supported the slave traders and Jesus Christ was complicit in the Holocaust.
Jesus Christ supports the regime of Vladimir Putin and the invasion of Ukraine.
The list goes on and on.

And now Jesus Christ is helping to elect Donald Trump and to organize around him a group of thinkers who will help him to shore up power in ways that will — when paired to this man who has already shown a taste for thugocracy and a contempt for good government — almost surely undermine democracy, perhaps to the point where we must spend all our energy just trying to get back to a functioning democracy, maybe even to the point where that’s not really an option.

What can we conclude but that Jesus Christ is an evil genius, and we poor humans are all just pawns in the mechanisms of him and his fellow evil geniuses as they coolly smash the world to smithereens, not so much for private gain as for the joy of hurting people by helping foolish pride and incompetent feeling and thought rule.

Mike Johnson, you have spent your life worshipping which Jesus?
I think he was a great political leader, right?
A warrior who sought to restore Christian Kings to the throne, right?
A man willing to silence conversation to silence dissent to force people to mime faith in God and scripture — mime faith, or else! Right?
Jesus would’ve much preferred a corrupt but thereby perpetual theocratic reign over a functioning democracy, right?
Jesus believed that the ends justify the means, right?
Jesus Christ hates abortion but would love to fast-track the death penalty, right?
Jesus Christ can follow the logic of how we can say the 2020 election was not fairly won because states made some changes in good faith and under the current common understanding of the constitution — an understanding that was actually confirmed in a subsequent Supreme Court ruling — , changes whose impact on the election was not large enough to actually change the outcome of the elections in any swing states. Right? Jesus can follow how you should use a novel, after-the-fact interpretation of the constitution to throw out not only the votes effected by these rule changes, but the entire state’s votes — not in all the states where such rule changes happened (since they, due to the pandemic, happened in most states), but just in enough swing states to swing the election to Donald Trump. Right? Jesus pats you on the back and says, “My good and faithful servant!” when he watches you trying to undermine a still-functioning democracy with specious constitutional lawyering.
And this talk of how God chooses rulers? Only in the sense that God chooses everything, including every act of political evil and personal evil, every war fought for human power wealth lust pride, every massacre in the name of human pride power lust, every murder, every rape, every cruelty. Only in that sense does God choose rulers. Is there no other sense? What about the sense of God choosing through humans turning to God and becoming wiser, gentler, kinder, more loving, more alive? But God as the immediate souls-speaking rather than the external flow-of-history chooser of human events — that works so much better in a democracy than a tyranny, because in a democracy the people are given both the right and the duty to find the Truth in a way that is meaningful to them and to act on that Truth not just secretly, privately, help-your-family-stay-out-of-trouble-y, but publicly, together discussing and shaping their shared government.

Steve Bannon thinks we’re in the midst of a spiritual war.
He is right.
Because the soul loses when governments fall to the thugocracy of might makes right, “truth” and “false” are just tools for crushing the opposition, and hey: you have a choice: you can either go along with these crimes, or you can lose wealth, prestige, power, a safe place to live and safe food and drinking water, and maybe — if you persist — your freedom and/or life. In a democracy people are not forced to choose between the security of their loved ones and working for a more competent, honest, and just government. What a blessing!
And because the soul loses when the American experiment of a people bound by a shared commitment to aware, clear, honest, accurate, competent, loving-kind and joyfully-sharing thought and action within a system of checks and balances and regular fair elections that allow the citizens to simultaneously steer their conversation and government, while most fundamentally serving as a final check on madness and corruption in government — The soul loses when that experiment is replaced by the same old boring culture of “us-versus-them”.
We already have a shared culture in this country: a commitment to an openness in government, democracy, freedom of speech and from reprisals for one’s speech, a government responsive to the people, justice and equality under the rule of law, and the belief that all humans are essentially the same and share certain inalienable rights — included, but not limited to, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
That is the culture that makes a land healthy, not cultures that pretend xyz people “are not like us”.

But all this is by the by.
For Jesus Christ loves to parade, loves to pray loudly from the best seats in the halls of great power, loves to smile proudly as he uses any means — even to the point of replacing democracy with tyranny — to get and maintain political power. Jesus believes might makes right, that lies are useful tools and weapons for getting and maintaining holy power, that the only thing that really matters is winning and maintaining power.
And who are we to argue with Jesus Christ?

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