Buy the Books! updates from 2016 through Summer 2019

Buy the Books! updates from 2016 through Summer 2019

We wanted to keep all these updates somewhere; this is the where.
Here’s the current “Buy the Books!” page.

In Summer & Fall 2019, we plan on releasing the following books:
“Love at a Reasonable Price, Volume I: First Loves”; “First Essays” (essays written while working on “First Loves”); and “First Super Hero Novella” (a silly novella about a pair of superheros trying to make things better while not making things worse).

We’re making the “First Loves” Landing Page now (July 2019).

Previous updates trip over each other below:

Update June 2019
We want to release “First Loves”, “First Essays”, and a yet unnamed novella by the end of this summer. This site will have intro blurbs, samples, and a place to buy the books.

Update November 5, 2018:
Early 2019. We hope.
And it’ll be fine.
We’re also heading off into other ventures, which will also be fine.
It’ll all be fine. No need to worry.

Update October 8, 2018:
It doesn’t matter. Maybe we’ll release the book this Christmas, but it doesn’t matter. The book is OK. Overrrun by philosophical asides and a little dull even in some of the pure fictions, though still probably on the whole basically worth reading and in many places entertaining. Still, whatever. It was to be the first of many volumes of “Love at a Reasonable Price”; we’ll see; whatever. The path is pathed out today and tomorrow’s just a word for “get up at 7am, at the office by 9am, work until 5:30pm, back home by 6pm; look out the window until 9pm at which point you head towards bed, reaching it around 11pm; then of course the next thing you’ll know is 7am”.
These are men who can’t
Why can’t they?
Why won’t they?
Why don’t they?

Update December 30 2017:
So we might have a book ready Spring or Summer 2018. You’ve waited six years–what’s a few more months?

Update April 14 2016:
I am lonely and don’t know what to say about the years that bob and dip beneath the bridge on the quick clear creek flow. How can I go forward for real? Anyway, now I think I will make “Love at a Reasonable Price” a finished ebook of somewhere above 100 and somewhere beneath 200 pages, and I’ll sell this book of fractured attempts at a decent steady hearty wholesome love to the world at a reasonable but still hopeful price (US$5).

[Update September 2016: I hope I’ll release the first part of this giant ebook by December of this year. You can write to and ask me if I’ll ever do anything or not.]

But the larger topic, the deeper drill with the sharper bit is “Diary of an Adamant Seducer”. An account of the current climate and happenings at the Wandering Albatross Press Building in Sometimes Somewhere Wall Street. No one is there! Nothing is happening! There’s no one to talk to at all: Bartleby Willard and Andy Watson couldn’t take it; they split and left. Kent felt sorry for the rift between the frames and so he asked the Mountain King for an interview, thinking that that stodgy old loner of a monarch might know the way to Bartleby and Andy. And there the story’s stagnated like–if you will remember because I oh so much very much do!!!!–the clam-ridge-shaped scum and the white fallen fluffies and the twigs and leaves by the grate of the shallow narrow little slip of a creek that started in the pipe draining from where they made and froze a pond in the winter, flat-trickled past the playground with the graffiti-scarred and urine-perfumed rocket ship (it housed a ladder that led to the tall slide) on one side and the tree-edged yard and the long rectangular slightly sunken encurbed parking log of the old brick school house on the other side, and ended in that grate by the street, under which it snuck only to appear again in a little dense, fat-vined wood on the far end of the yard of the whitevinyl Catholic church and then continued through a wooded corridor where the long yards of houses facing one way faded into the long yards of facing the other way. That ebook will still I guess start evolving again at some time. Access is sold below.


with the worried support of AW,
here alone
in the old snow drifts
by the side of the cemented cut-stone wall

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