Light Work

Light Work

With the breath filling the thorax, let the light in.
From the bowl between butt and sex, all along the space between spinal column and abdomen.
Up through the neck and head.
Out the crown.
Light in at hips and shoulders too.
And legs, arms, everypart.
Breath held in as body expands outward, creating more space for breath and light to stay.
Then, still holding the breath, push out from the center-line of the conscious space running down your body/mind.

Push out from within, pushing the light within to meet the light without.
Fast or slow? Violent or gentle?
The main thing is: with the push outward, you open up and unfold from the inside out; that line running down the center of your conscious space explodes the rest of your conscious space open, so that you are just that line and the infinite space of conscious light. Well, that’s the direction you’re pushing for.
Hold where you are and invite more light in.

Alternate between pushing out from within and thereby unfolding your conscious space / exploding the shell of self; and (while remaining open and unfolded) letting the light in from every direction.
You are pushing, opening, and unfolding to close the gap between the light outside your “self” and the light inside your “self”: you are pushing and pulling to know yourself as the one thing / nothing (interconnected whole created sustained and shot-through by, and ultimately one with the One Light prior to all particular-things / no particular-thing).

Slowly and perhaps in steps, you push the air out, straightening chest forward, shoulders over haunches, head straight ahead from the tilt created when you were pushing and pulling the light.

You can also let just a little air in after you push air out, but you open up your body so that that little bit of air fills all of it. You can play around with being full and emptied of air as you play around with turning your inner space inside-out and letting the light flood in.

Why are you doing this?
What do you hope to achieve?
More loving effective joyful intelligent kindness; less mean stupid bullshit.

How will you succeed?

And it’s also good to sometimes picture the center-lines of the conscious spaces of other people in our life and pray, “help _______; help us all grow together in wisdom, true success, and shared joy” while (in your imagination) you and they together push out from the center line, unfolding your conscious spaces into the infinite One Light. It is good to do this not just thinking of people you like and/or know well, but other people too. Because what you are trying to learn is that and in what way it is True to say “we are all in this together and can and should treat ourselves and others like children of God, children of the One Light, creatures that can and should grow in wisdom, creative activity, and shared-/giving-joy together.”

I see
Is that what we’re supposed to do??
Who said?
And well
I guess there’s no other way
to stand life
to be who we want to be
to do anything cool

Author: Belumpt Bedizd
Feckless Editorial Squad: BW/AW
Stingy Copyright Holder: AMW

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