Chapters of “First Loves” (with links)

Chapters of “First Loves” (with links)

Beginning Quote, Like Books often Have

Sec 1: Introductions
1a. How to Read this Book
1b. Intro to the Project
1c. Intro to First Loves
1d. The Pitch! [beginning:]
1e. About this Project

Sec 2: Customer Testimonials
2a. A Couple Decides Whether or not to Drink
2b. From a Dissatisfied Customer
2c. Hurt Girl / Girl by the Creek

Sec 3: Manufacturing Pure Love
3a. Earthworm Factory Farm 1 [beginning:]
3b. Tainted Love Factory
3c. Earthworm Factory Farm 2
3d. Love Engineer

Sec 4: Stories from Pine
4a. Ichabod the Pure Love Salesman
4b. John of Charles

Sec 5: Fictional Theories of Pure Love
5a. A Something Deeperist Prayer
5b. Love Theoreticians
5c. The Pure Love Scientist
5d. I’m Researching Love
5e. On Writing Books of Pure Love
5f. Love Mathematician
5g. Seed of Wisdom
5h. Plato & Bartleby Exchange Texts

Sec 6: Fade Out
6a. Alternating Loves
6b. Love Alarm
6c. The Buddhist Marriage Counselor Explains Pure Love

The End of the First Book

Wait! Don’t we have time for an Ad for Pure Love?!?

Sec 8: A Few Essays
8a. About these Few Essays
8b. A Standard Model of Pure Love
8c. A Simpler Shared Something Deeperism
8d. In A Republic
8e. Why Something Deeperism? Simple!
8f. Something Deeperism without Metaphysics??
8g. How do Humans Learn?
8h. A Note on Self-Deception
8i. Relationship of Truth, Pure Love, and Something Deeperism??
8j. Wisdom is Attainable Text Messages
8k. Texts in Service of a Minimal Dogmatism
8l. A Standard Theory of Pure Love

A Glossary



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