Susan’s Nose

Susan’s Nose

Susan stands slowly up, hands still on the table, eyes still closed, breathe still flowing slowly out her nose

A nose once so propositionably-pert
And how many propositions there were!
A nose now a little figlike
But —
a proposition long ago seized and vows sung; rings worn; deed done; children born, swaddled, whelped, and in comfort and possibilities raised and then released —
its purpose served.

Long romantic walks
Snuggles, giggles, safety
A shared glow of safety, thriving, pleasure, fun, and happiness
Sexual satisfaction, biological completion, expansion through multiplication of one’s physical essence.
Warmth, togetherness, snuggles, bedtimes stories, headaches, stress over money illness misbehavior, fun vacations loading up all of one’s heart-treasures into a newish used minivan with books tapes puzzles water bottles and other expedition material, heartache and worry as your child stumbles, delight and pride as your child grins in success from a podium or parking lot
Christmas wrapping paper while kids in one-piece PJs play with new toy cars, dolls, tapes, books, cds,
Christmas wrapping paper as kids and grandkids delight in orange rolls, toy cars, dolls, books, and streaming services.
How much a winning nose can win you!!!!

By Bartleby Willard
To be included in his upcoming novella about superheroes, which will most likely be named “Superhero Novella”
Copyright Andy Watson

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