Spiritual Surgery Notes

Spiritual Surgery Notes

How to operate effectively?
How to tear down the illusions long enough for the whole conscious space to awaredly experience Reality?
While yet still maintaining enough contact to the illusions (many of which are necessary assumptions for operating in human form)?
So that the conscious space as-a-whole is awaredly overwhelmed by Pure Love; but when it (the conscious space as-a-whole) returns to day-to-day feeling/thinking/acting, it does not forget insight(s) gained from its moment outside of illusions?
One’s illusions need to be made wiser — to understand better in what senses they are and aren’t accurate.
How to open up a whole conscious space to that aspect of itself that is already living in and through and for Pure Love? That is in some sense one with Pure Love?

Humans cannot force wisdom onto themselves or others: wisdom only occurs from the inside-out: when the Light (aka: Pure Love; aka: God/Godlight; aka: the True Good; aka: Buddhanature) relates adequately well to ideas and feelings: to the degree this takes place, wisdom is gained.
Wise ideas, rules, and influences can help steer conscious spaces towards adequate relationships to the Light, but they cannot take the place of these relationships.
Likewise with any possible spiritual surgery: the best it could do is help orientate ideas and feelings away from illusions, bringing them into inevitable conscious contact with that which is not an illusion.
And what is the worst that a spiritual surgery could do??

A spiritual surgery does not teach anything. It merely unclenches the flailing confused wounded prides and shames; and thus lets a soul unfold itself within itself and thus see itself and the Light that it in the deepest sense is.

Surgery best practices:
Unclasp all defenses?
Versus explode the Light outward from within?
Or can the latter only be done by the conscious space that’s being operated on?
Why choose one? Shouldn’t various procedures be used in various combinations, depending on the exigencies of a given situation?

We spiritual patients (for as regards the spirit we are all sick, and terribly cracked about the head) have to unfold out from within as we also pull the Light in (in alternating movements or at once?? or sometimes the one way and sometimes the other? “breathe” the Light in and out??). We push outward and pull inward from the center-line of our conscious-space with this aim: make less and less space between the Light shining within our conscious feeling/thinking/acting and the Light shining outside our conscious feeling/thinking/acting. Enlightenment is exploding through the illusion, the shell of “self”; enlightenment is awaredly flowing directly into the One Light.

More wisdom is more consciously experiencing how all is One Light. [does that mean it would’ve been better (above) to say that our aim is less and less space between our awareness of the Light shining within … ” ??]
But what can spiritual surgeons achieve? They can only for a moment unclasp all defenses — right?

Open up; unfold from the inside out — as if a human conscious space were an infinite space folded in upon itself over and over and over again.
Goal: unfold a conscious space into the infiniti of its truest nature, so that that conscious space can experience itself as both nothing (nothing-specific) & everything (one with the interrelated whole [all particulars running together as one], through which Godlight [prior to all particulars] infinitely explodes, and which at the deepest level is Godlight).
In this way the conscious space as a whole can (never completely, but perhaps to an adequate degree) consciously know/understand what it always at some level knows/is: all is One and love is the only realistic reaction to Reality. [We say “always at some level knows/is” because Godlight is the most essential aspect of all conscious space and shines within and through everything always. The goal is to get one’s whole conscious space’s focus onto the Light shining through everything — which is the most fundamental aspect of all consciousness, but which is largely overlooked.]

??Reality = Godlight = God = the Light = Pure Love = Buddhanature = Atman = What Is??

Is the Light God?
Or some holy intermediary?
Or a nonspiritual energy that, together with awareness, can nonetheless create a conscious space able to open into an experience of What-Is (“What-Is” = the interrelated-flowing shot-through by and ultimately one with Godlight)?
How does the Lifelight relate to Godlight?
Same thing? Or is it that Godlight can flow into Lifelight, and thus increase Lifelight’s spiritual insight??
IE: Wisdom is Life-/God-Light aware of Its true nature? Or Wisdom is God-Light swamping Life-Light?

Wisdom includes a superabundance of compassion: to grasp interdependence and Pure Love together: the oneness of apparent particulars and what’s prior to all particulars.
How to unfold the conscious space all through the body?
Regular thought is kind of an illusion, but it’s also a tool for interacting with this shared dreaming space (life)

Hmmm …

How to not make things worse?
In physical interventions, a great many precautions must be taken to avoid unnecessarily risking great harm to the body.
In mental and emotion interventions, this is even more true.
But here we speak of a physical/emotional/mental intervention intended to effect a spiritual change!
Who dares hold this scalpel?
Better a penniless, trash-strewn, nobody mendicant than some brave Faustus, risking soul and other sacred keepsafes.
But it is also not good to hide one’s light under a bowl.
What is one’s light?

Hmmmm …

How many sins against mankind are would-be healers guilty of?
And now I feel so old, so weak, so soft
And now I’m a soft-boiled egg in a silver egg-podium
And now an elegant lady in her emerald dressing gown taps my shell
with the backside of a silver spoon within whose handle’s curling metal-worked design her initials are seamlessly interwoven.

Bartleby Willard
From his upcoming novella about superheroes.
copyright AM Watson

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