The Hurt in Love

The Hurt in Love

The Hurt in Love | Can call & gather Light.
A child down-shoved | Will wait to wiggle right
athwart the thing | that thwacks their caught heart.

I love you dear. | Out my mind my might may part,
but Heart, you’re near; | so I forget all fear.
Please hearts, take wing | us up Lightward to bring.

A wound’s wound through | great wide and wicked deep.
A child’s broke there | where God his soul should keep.
But open now | I conjure crooked cut.

You can howl “oww!” | Unseal what’s too long shut.
Allow the Light | inside. Let it set things right.
Permit the Love | to laugh, to dance, and lift you up.
Accept the dove | upon your shoulder’s cusp.
It’s Okay now | that you know how
to love.

Authors: AW/BW
Copyright: AMW

[Bartleby’s Poetry Corner]

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