For You

For You

Please know that I love you
and help me love you right
Please tell me what you need
and show me where it hurts
Please let me give you love

How can I be a good idea
for you?
To rightly hold and hear
all of you?
How can I make a happy life
with you?
That we may husband and wife
just us two
all through
this sometimes strangely world?

My decision’s to accept
what I never can undo
My answer for all that’s kept
within this heart and chest
is smile past the rest,
is turn myself to you.

If you want me.
If I could be right for you.
If we could belong together.

I want to be good for you.
I want to be good to you.
I want to know you in a way that’s good
for you, for me,
for all that’s in between.

copyright: AMW

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