i want to take you

i want to take you

i just
this is all
i just
want to
i’m not lying
i just
want to

take you on a trip
take you someplace nice
have money and time and freedom
take you someplace cool
where we can flaneur
and practice our languages
and you know?

i don’t want to save democracy
i want it to get better on its own
i don’t want to do anything
i just want
you know,
take you on a cool trip
love you
hold you close
take you our for a nice dinner
in a cool place
so you think it’s really neat
and a great treat
and are impressed by me
and pleased with me
and think i’m cool

Various authors and editors
copyright AM Watson

[Part of A political writer falls apart, which is somehow part of NYC Journal – Politics]

[Bartleby’s Poetry Corner]

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