NYC Journal – Politics

NYC Journal – Politics

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Do we have political opinions?
Sometimes and somewhat.
What we most of all have is a lonely worry.

Political & Political-ish Essays:

We’ve only had one particularly successful political essay so far: A Fun New War.

This one suggests that the US Democracy stands a better chance of surviving and improving with a Biden Presidency.

The Something Deeperism Institute has our little bit of political philosophy.
Mostly in A Simpler Shared Something Deeperism and Duties of a Republic’s Citizenry.

Every so often someone will attempt to think about abortion out loud, most recently with Abortion: A Spiritual Argument??.

There’s been a lot of brainstorming about politics over the years, like in Practical Politics and Say People.

Sometimes we think we want to say something about race in America, but then we’re always wrong.
Here’s a poem called Maryland, 1795 (at the end, after Melville’s poem, which is better anyway).

And there’s a whole poem category called “Political Concerns / How to live right? / Help! I can’t pull it together!” towards the bottom of Bartleby’s Poetry Corner.

We also have a bazillion essays in “First Essays”, some of which are political (though most of those we’ve linked to from this page).
“A Readable Reader” has many of the more readable “First Essays” essays, and a few from elsewhere.
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