There’s Nothing Left / Irresistible Koan

There’s Nothing Left / Irresistible Koan

There’s nothing left inside this empty hull
who sideways slides up over down as gulls
with steely beady eyes and fluttering
long feathers hang above on sharp-arced wing

There’s nothing more to speak in forest cave
where children, sunken eyed and soft, have saved
three faggots — brittle twigs, dry knobby bent;
a raincoat yellow, worn through, rent and spent.

We, we had wanted — We had meant to help.
Now naked wolflings, mucussed from the whelp —
Now know we limit; us against our bourne.
Too late to quit; time only for the horn:

So blow bugle blow. Sound the trumpet broad
o’er valley low — before we sink to God
or what will wait for loser punks like us
who did not find a rite that helps enough.

Goodbye my darlings
Goodbye my worldwide
Goodbye for we must part
Goodbye when we were wrong
Goodbye when Good’s long gone.

Our wisdom meme is irresistible.
Once heard or read, your heart’s more than full;
your mind beyond aware. You can’t escape
this insight into Light and how we’re shaped
around of It.

We are all in this together.
We cannot escape ourselves, each other,
or the Light
shining in and through all things.

The Light advances.

Aware, clear, honest, kind,
competent, creative, together,
joyful, grateful for life
and for each other

We participate.

Authors/Editors: BW/AW
copyright: AMW

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