Deep in the Americas

Deep in the Americas

We US Americans
Getting older
Stubbing out the cigs
Drinking a lonely conjugal wine with Netflix
Half-believing in the rising seas and confusing weather
Remembering a placid youthful moment skinny dipping a brown glass pond overhung with wind-clattering willows
Green braid willows in easy autumn light

Here let me proffer an excellent foreign policy
The Americas shine
Thoughtful vigorous kind-hearted democracy glows from the Yukon to Patagonia
With our southern immigrants, we are in good position to understand the language and culture of our southern trading and more partners
The Americas thrives and we with it
And the world relaxes its heavy, nuke-laden brow

Ah but the nukes the nukes the nukes
It’s hopeless
The nukes too powerful and chance too indifferent
We’re all gonna die
There’s worse things
But I’d wanted to play further in the tech-sparkling future
Ah well
I’m open to suggestions


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