Say People

Say People

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Reflecting upon the old Ziggy Marley and the Melody Maker’s tune
Caught by “but first we must set all people free”
Reasoning that the only sustainable success is one where everyone succeeds
As otherwise it is just another round of fussin and fightin
Walking along to work unsure of how to best create and evolve systems so that they are truly a win for everyone

Reverse engineering the logic from the public to the private; and then agreeing that there’s no sustainable success for a human unless every aspect of that human shares in the success; and wondering what that has to say about the choice between nonstop spiritual effort versus moderate but still demanding pleasures like interesting job, attractive mate, happy little family, spending money, leisure time.

Oscillating then between private and public and wondering what the private life’s dilemma between spiritual purity versus sustainable normal healthy shared happiness: what does that dilemma says about what we should consider “best for everyone”? Remembering also the way sometimes trying to be too spiritually pure leads to fanaticism and an unmooring from real kindness and thus a loss of true spiritual attainment.

Seeing somewhat different Demographics walking hand in hand with their kindergarteners from (in general) different directions. All to meet there at kindergarten. Wondering about the flow of history and how to purposefully guide things to the better without ending up twisting the Light and actually worsening things. What motions actually help?

Getting older in the growing light within an air that’s turning a little cooler, a little softer, prepping a fall before going cold and brittle for a season.
Destined to get worked up for ten hours and keep my calm resolve only to be kind of bitchy with a customer service rep in the exhausted evening
And what does the wisdom of an author matter? On the one hand, the works should stand alone; on the other hand, if you are so sure of the importance of pursuing loving kindness, why aren’t you more loving kind?

What is human freedom?
It consists in the freedom to choose one’s own path and that includes some freedom from trading all your time and energy for the right to survive.
Most fundamentally it consists in letting the inner Light, which alone within your conscious space is a free-cause (ideas and feelings are part of causal chains; the Light is One with God and so It is One with the beginning of all causal chains): freedom consists most fundamentally in the Light, which is both free and your most essential self, ruling your conscious space. To the degree that happens, you are free.
But humans need time, humans need space, humans need safety, humans need love, humans need friendship: humans need these goods to grow in wisdom: humans need physical, emotional and intellectual support if they are to best organize their thinking and acting around the Light within.
Systems that bring more real freedom to more people are systems that give people the space and time to find their own way, but that also encourage the insight that we are all in this together.


Copyright AM Watson 9/20/2019 – probably needs to be revised
Revised Sun 9/22/2019

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