Please God

Please God

Please God help us.
We’re in a jam.
I would raise a mirror up to our faces.
I would catch us in the act.
I would show us what we’re up to and what it amounts to.
So as to turn us from this crime.
To sidestep the evil, off-ramp before we wreck.

I got nothing.
A gazillion miles of nothing.
Let me down here.
Let me off here.
Let me disappear here and now.
Let me never-mind while there’s still a star left in the sky, a star left to wish upon.

Please God help us.
Help us see things as they really are.
Guide me away from myself.
Guide me towards the wider vision, the deeper heart, the gentler mind.
Guide me up on out of my narrow self.
Cause I’m spinning my wheels inside my wheels, going nowhere forever.

Tell me what to do.
Tell me how to help.
Tell us what to do.
Tell us how to help.
Cause we got nothing.

Lord help us.
We can’t figure this out on our own.
And time is running out.

Copyright: AM Watson

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