This website sells Pure Love for free: Pure Love Shop. It has many funny and engaging features, like Descriptions & Usage, and a lot of advertisements and other writings. Here’s a commercial that claims Pure Love is Even Better than Classy Sneakers.

We’ve collected many of our poems at Bartleby’s Poetry Corner. This one turned out well: America. Here’s an example of the Nostalgia Sonnets: To Greg’s Dad.

We have not made a lot of progress with our Short Story Game. Here’s a response story to Joyce’s “The Sisters” (in Dubliners): Another Cotter Story.

We did translations of and response stories to three Kafka stories. Die Wale is the response story to Die Sorge des Hausvaters / Worry of a Family Man.

We have a philosophy. We call it Something Deeperism. We’ve made an Institute. These essays are pretty readable: A Shared Something Deeperism and Duties of a Republican’s Citizenry.

We’ve tried many political essays. One worked out well: A Fun New War.

There was this idea to record moments of days in a NYC Journal. NYC Journal #9 – First Nice Day is one of them. No one’s really reading them, but we’re still trying to do one a week or so. Just, you know, an activity.

Years ago we wrote some science articles for FT Exploring. They’re the ones attributed to AM Watson. Here’s the Definition of Life.

No one ever does but we always wish they would purchase our books. They are available on the !Buy Our Books! tab on this website. Right now we’re pushing “Superhero Novella” and “A Readable Reader” because we think they’re both pretty readable and readers will be able to read them right down without too much trouble. That was actually the whole idea behind “A Readable Reader” — that it be both worthwhile and engaging (“readable”).

Everything on this site is copyrighted by Andrew Mackenzie Watson.

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