Wisdom Meme Project

Wisdom Meme Project

For many years now we’ve dreamed of a meme so wonderful that it would enlighten us all as individuals and together as everybody. Then we could find the way forward as individuals and as groups. And everything would go better.

Like a koan, but instead of being difficult to riddle out, it would be irresistible: Once one heard it, one couldn’t help but be awakened to and live more and more in sync with the Love that chooses everyone always no matter what. And it would spread like wildfire, blessing us all with both individual wisdom and a shared song for communicating in and through and for Pure Love.

A hopeless endeavor?
We don’t know.

But here’s some links.
Please read the links quickly over (they go from older to newer) and then perhaps choose one to while at just a little while.
Or maybe not! Maybe it’s too dangerous! Maybe overflowing with loving kindness, gentle fully-compassionate resolve, and joyful generosity would cause you to adjust your priorities, change your big plans, reassess your need for that next drink, and otherwise unravel the longings you’re so very attached to!
Maybe better back out now while you still can!

The Anti-Weapon. This is where it started, way back in the spring of 2016.

There’s Nothing Left / Irresistible Koan. A 2020 stab in the dark.

Then in April of 2023, the idea kicked itself up again:

  1. Wisdom Meme from April 2, 2023.
  2. Home Run from April 8, 2023. A poem. Not like you think.
  3. Slant Wisdom Meme also from April 8, 2023. Some kind of a poem thing.
  4. A Wisdom Meme attempt from April 10, 2023. A poem.

And now in October of 2023, as our dreams of individual wisdoms overlapping and lifting us all together towards the better and away for the worse grow ever more desperate, we review some late-summer/early-fall efforts:

  1. The Project This one is s a good starting point. It is short and it admits to the whole scheme.
  2. Wisdom Memes for 10-Year-Olds Probably not really age-appropriate. But there is a pretty readable overview of the system (Pure Love, Something Deeperism, the Wisdom Meme), before flaring out in failed wisdom memes and self-reproach.
  3. Wisdom Meme Convo Not so much a wisdom meme as a conversation between Bartleby and Amble about how they really need to get this wisdom meme thing going.
  4. Hurt into Wisdom Meme Well, it hasn’t worked yet.
  5. Failed Project Ends with a pretty good wisdom meme.
  6. A Wisdom Meme for Liberal Representative Democracies Trying to find a way forward together.
  7. There’s Nothing Left / Irresistible Koan A fall-apart followed by a desperate lunge at a wisdom meme. A poem.
  8. Let’s Make a Deal Topics include wisdom memes, democracy, are republican voters evil or what?, how to actually help??

Ads for Pure Love is a related project. As was the Meme Factory

In conclusion, we are so lonely and have been for so long that we don’t know anymore which way is up!

Authors & Editors: Bartleby Willard & Amble Whistletown
Copyright and Broken Soul: Andrew Mackenzie Watson

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