The Project

The Project

It’s been a long time now, this project.

The Hurt, and the damage done, especially to love.

Pure Love, and that It isn’t one of these mean loves that only loves some people sometimes, that can abandon you and will if it gets a better offer; but instead is a Love that chooses everyone.

And that Pure Love is all there really is. Which is the ultimate revenge on those selfish little familial loves! They don’t even exist! And they shouldn’t anyway, because only Pure Love has the decency to love straight up, rather than using you to feel better about itself and where it stands in the (merely apparent!) flow of things.

Something Deeperism as the practice of centering oneself around Pure Love and flowing-off/interpreting it poetically (not intellectually and/or emotionally literally/exclusively/definitively, but with one’s thought-as-a-whole in an ever-widening and -deepening gist of what is ultimately wider and deeper than human thoughts and feelings). And here again we stick our noses up in disgust over those fools who would imagine they could either think/feel/act coherently without the Truth, or that their ideas and feelings about the Truth were somehow identical-enough with the Truth to justify all their strutting about!

It reminds one all too well of that moment, almost forty years ago, in the new school. Some chunky kid you were destined to semi-know for the next ten years. You heard him saying to his friend and confident, the all of you having just left the too-bright too-white restroom, that he (you believed he meant you) just doesn’t seem to like me (him). That’s right! Fatso! I don’t like you! You act up in class (second grade, to be precise)! You’re bad! Ha!

And finally, we have the wisdom meme, by virtue of which our (but, seriously, do Bartleby Willard and Amble Whistletown exist at all? Even in this illusionary place where the fools think their selfish hearts and push&pull-loves are somehow Real??) more perfect vision conquers the world.

No, that’s not fair. Since the wisdom meme is supposed to save us all, teach us all, enlighten us all. The wisdom meme is supposed to break Bartleby Willard, Amble Whistletown, and Andy Watson out of their narrow visions, out of the Hurt they can’t see beyond. The wisdom meme is supposed to make us all wise enough to feel/think/act well together. It is a hail mary. It is the hail mary that this project is.

What now? The curtain is pulled back. A very small old man in antiquated clothes has been seen pushing the buttons that make the apparition-like “Great and Powerful Oz!” proclaim his thunderous confidence. All lies! All lies! But no, because he’s a nice old man and he wishes he could help and he wants to find some way with what he only is to connect with others and to together move towards a newer world.

Tell me, tell us — beings real or otherwise — that it is not too late to seek a newer world.

Author: BW/AW
Editor: AW/BW (again, we imagine at some point some editing will happen here)
Copyright: AM Watson

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