Hurt into Wisdom Meme

Hurt into Wisdom Meme

The Hurt is killing me.
I can’t take it.
It’s too much.
Plus so lonely.
For so long.

You have to harness it.
Turn it into something positive.
I’m sure you can fashion a great wisdom meme out of it.

No, I can’t.
I can’t do anything with it but be torn apart slowly even though I have such a cushy easy peasy life.
I can’t do things. Simple things.
It hurts so much down inside so deep.

You can take the Hurt and turn it inside out and use it as a pattern of Hurt, and then you can figure out how Hurt can be dealt with in a way that grows wisdom.
Because everyone has at least some Hurt.
And it erodes them at least some.
And so everyone is at least somewhat desperate for a way to deal with the Hurt.
It’d be your in — you’re “in” to a wisdom meme.

I don’t think so.
I just want to disappear.
And let everything go on without me.
I don’t want to do anything ever anymore.
I don’t even think I can.
It’s like I can’t do anything except wander along this hamster wheel of work and weekend and work and nothing goes anywhere.

Author: Saied Sacc
Editors: BW/AW
Copyright AMW

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