You gotta help me

You gotta help me

You gotta help me outta this jam, God.

First of all, I know it sounds crazy, but I need her to forgive me and love me and for us to be right for each other and love each other and give each other a good marriage. And please also help us have a nice life together. Just, come on! Not everything that is crazy is wrong.

Second, we have to figure out some kind of a somewhere authorship. Writings worth writing and reading, with a paying audience. How many thousands of pages have I written to myself? There must be a way to bust out of this tired old lonesome street!

Third, the country needs to choose democracy together. I don’t know how or where you want us all to fit in, but we have to get this right now-ish.

Fourth, what to do about the Hurt and the mistakes I continue to make in it’s wake?

OK, that’s the agenda. Let’s get to it!

Thanks so much,

Total Devotee

Editors: B. Willard & A. Whistletown
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