Chapter 360

Chapter 360

I love you.
Go through the layers, the twists, the turns, contortions and performances; and that’s all I got.
I love you.
Unpack it: it’s a lot.

I say it to you.
God says it to us.
What does it mean, depending on where it comes from and where it’s aimed?

I want to be what you need.
What do you need?
What can I be?
Can we turn together towards one another?
Keep finding one another better and clearer?

God is all anyone needs?
Then why am I shaped for you and you for me?

From this dome capped over our mission
We watch the Love rumbling tumbling churning burning exploding
Towards us and our little somehow stand
One and two and three
Siel, Cuir, Velma, Mench, and Stu a Quietlander Elf who’d been overseeing the Daniella-as-battery operation and had used a sheltering-lee spell (I suppose I’m claiming there is such a thing) to slip past the clearing-out spell that Siel had cast prior to erecting a dome over Daniella and the rest (excepting the otherwise occupied Luz Hector) of Mench Erlkoenigkin’s battery-destroying/dragon-rescuing/hearty-hearts-cheering squad. These were the ones who together, eyes and ears locked on the unfurling invisible calm and hearts and voices intertwined in on one rhythm and one intent, counted down together:
One and two and three
And ope the lid
To Let in the Light
From which we’d hid
Preferring night
Ignorant of ourselves
And all that we might
Find were we — one heart — to delve
Past all we tried to feel
while begging schemes to be real

Author: BW
Editor-to-be: AW
Copyright: AMW
Time: Out of Joint

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