Thread the needle

Thread the needle

It’s easier to pass a camel through
a sewing needle’s eye than for a man
of means to enter God’s kingdom. What to do?
In this here pleasant-to-overflowing land?
Impossible for man, but not for God!
I guess. But who drops everything for Love?
We choose as did the rich young man who paused,
so sad to hear the fees of Jesus Club.
We keep our home and hearth
And let the holy fool depart.
There goes our place in the Kingdom of God!
We don’t care. Christ’s reasoning’s flawed,
we deep inside reckon, singing hymns.
I don’t know who’s righter, us or him.
Some who love Jesus more than we can
clearly love certainty more than fellow man.

Let me sing another needle I cannot thread.
Loose fibers wiry as steel rough fed
through cheapy plastic eye that twists and breaks.
But this is me! My model and my make!
No, can’t. Can’t thread this to save my life.
Where is a mind?, a heart, a path, a wife?

redo poem please

nobody I could fit will turn my way
So much to give being frittered away

A mix-up, confusion, pots and pans
spread clanking on the linoleum floor
a blurring X of dragonfly wingspans
above the pond rippling as a breeze pours
across the grasses reeds and froggy eyes
We should stop evil in ourselves and world
but we only seek our baby’s soft sighs
What good can come from Nazareth? My girl’s
a fantasy in candlelight with wine.
Our saviors, cracked and worn, explain the sin
as we, out window gazing, pay no mind.
My girl’s a dream I love through thick and thin,
winding always alone on worn paths
through grasses tall and humming with insect life.
My girl’s a scheme I shove along so fast,
forgetting that violent tenderness is wife
to none, that role-play’s not love, nor can
a woman absolve what’s twisted in her man.

What good could’ve come from Nazareth?
And what good can we do with whatever’s left?

Author: hard to say
Editors: BW/AW (we’ll get around to reading it!)
Copyright: AM Watson
Dedication: oh we wish we were dedicated

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