Web Sampler

Web Sampler

We thought we’d add a few samples from our websites to “Superhero Novella”, since the novella is only a novella and thus (by definition) cannot be very long.
When will we release the novella?
Hopefully sometime in January 2020, which is the very same month we’re in now.

But what should include in the Web Sampler?

We thought we’d break it down by sites.
So we need a few pages of material from each of the following:

PureLoveShop.com sells Pure Love.
Not really, of course.
But there are Product Descriptions, Usage Instructions, and FAQs about the Pure Love we pretend to sell.
And a brainstormed Business Statement.
And many advertisements for Pure Love, as well advertisements for T-shirts and greeting cards relating to Pure Love / the Something Deeper, and other nonperishable/eternal g(G)oods.
Also, a few blog entries sketch the daytoday operations of Bartleby Willard’s Pure Love Shop (see https://www.pureloveshop.com/chapters/ for organized links to the blogposts).

Samples from PureLoveShop.com will be:
The opening blurb:
We at the Pure Love Manufacturing, Harvesting, Mining, Collecting; Warehousing; Distributing; Branding, Marketing; & Vending Company of Justkiddingaroundville deliver the highest-quality professional-grade industry-standard Pure Love immediately, directly, and discretely to your heart of hearts!

All purchases are 100% irrevocable, and will possess you, overtake you, and save you body, mind and soul.

And then:
Should We Consume What We Deserve? (an advertisement for Pure Love)
Description & Usage
And both tip jars:
The Original and Revised Tip Jars.

From-Bartleby.com is where we release our books (so far just “First Loves”, but “First Essays” and “Superhero Novella” expected soon). It also has very many poems, essays, sketches, stories and freewrites written over the last almost-decade.

Selections from From-Bartleby.com as follows:
A couple poems (index to poems is B. Willard’s Poetry Corner):
Hmm, not sure; let’s pick a few from this handfull:

To GB’s Dad Sonnet

Hike Mt Thumb Sonnet

Fall onto Handlebar Sonnet

[pick at one nostalgia sonnet]


Gentle Poem

Pure Love Poem

Preface Poem: Old Timey Hymn

Lonely River

And maybe an essay or freewrite??
No, that section (Index of Essays page) feels like it needs some work.
Maybe just include a little bit from each of the other two books. Like perhaps some of “From a Disappointed Consumer” (“First Loves”) and “Amoeba Salvation” (from “First Essays”)

LanguagesAndLiterature.com hasn’t really gotten going quite yet.
So far there’s not much beyond a few side-by-side originals/translations in Spanish, French, and German.
But we only did the translations for the German ones (for Spanish and French we smushed together public domain originals with public domain translations).

Perhaps I’ll just include the English translation of https://www.languagesandliterature.com/kafka-translations-1-die-sorge-des-hausvaters-the-worries-of-a-family-man
And link to the https://www.languagesandliterature.com/stories-by-franz-kafka-side-by-side-translations-german-english/ in case anyone wants to read that side-by-side translation; and/or the other two currently available.

Consideration by B. Willard, with the occasional off-hand suggestion by A. Whistletown
Copyright by AMW

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