Stop the Evil Song

Stop the Evil Song

Yeah look at me go
look at me strong
gonna stop the evil
watch out now
I’m the key
here I come
Mister Clutch

Gonna stop the evil
got the power
got the danger
got the wild
to make things right
in this drizzling
and car-parking world

Hooray hooray
hooray for me
hooray hooray
hooray for me

Oh he’s just so tough
things are getting rough
oh he’s got the moves
oh cool: blood grooves!

Gonna stop the evil
got the pizzazz
got junk and jazz
got the wild
to make things cool
in this fizzling
and car-honking town

The slobber jaws
with their foaming teeth
with their hacking cough
and heavy claws
all that heavy beef
and our shackled stuff

I can’t stop the evil now
I’m no match for the crime
I’m another mutton
braised in the stew

I can’t stop the bad ever
I’m a victim of the storm
a shift in the weather
my muscles too warm
I can’t hold the line
troubles in the sky
and under my skin
monsters that fly
troubles that win

I thought I’d stop the evil
I thought I’d make a mark
This mark is soot
this heart can’t put
anything back into place
restore life its taste
give love a start

He was wrong
oh oh oh oh
He was wrong
he can’t stop
ain’t no one
gonna stop
the Evil

Not like that
Not all badass
Not in a way
that makes us proud
that shouts out loud,
forgets to play
pretends to pray
ignores the pay

How can we stop the Evil?
Its beyond our parameters
with the stink beetle
and the flash cameras
with the red children
at the gray windows

How can we stop the Evil?
It’s beyond our ken,
out past our grasps
we live a day and then
strikes the turning asp

I can’t stop the Evil
I can’t stop the Crime
I can’t stop the Monster
I can’t keep anyone from Harm

God is lonely in the kitchen
making sandwiches
out of breads and meats
you shouldn’t steal
God is bold in the rhythm
taking all that which is
made of flesh and eats
we admit we feel
we admit its real
we ask for a blessing


copyright: AMW

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