How to actually help?

How to actually help?

Assuming for the sake of argument
the seven chakras, starting in the bowl within the hips,
and moving up and up along the spinal column until the seventh is a pyramid of Light streaming out the crown of your head
Letting the Light in on all sides and at the shoulders;
What would that assumption, if true-ish,
teach us about
right and wrong,
the way forward for everyone,
how to actually make things better,
what is really going on and what is really worth pursuing and how to fit oneself within the flow of things to bring about worthy goals?

What would that fable about a superabundant, life-giving, healing spiritually-conscious Light
tell us about
the nature of human consciousness,
the proper use of feelings ideas and actions,
good government,
how to guide oneself and the many interconnected and overlapping collectives away from worse and towards the better,
the right balance between pursuing material safety and thriving versus emotional safety and thriving versus intellectual achievement versus staying centered on the spirit?
(The different needs are not necessarily always in conflict, and it is better to find a way to avoid conflicts between them; but sometimes conflicts arise and of course one has to always prioritizing staying centered in the spirit, but it isn’t always clear where you stand within all these exigencies.)

A Light shines in the darkness
A Way presents Itself through the void
A challenge fizzles in the Light of Wisdom
But what to actually say and do?
What to actually believe and follow?

copyright AMW

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