USA for Africa

USA for Africa

I miss being a kid in the early 80s
I miss knowing that the world was going to be OK because USA was for Africa
USA–with all our black faces and all our white faces–was for Africa

I miss the worlds I used to hold
I miss the safety of the cluster
Now I’m dying every day
Now I’m falling into the dirt all along
Now I’m sorry but don’t have a fucking clue
what I’m talking about
I used to be the world,
I used to be the children
I used to be the ones who make a brighter day
I used to be the sunrise

They say that we overstepped ourselves
and the damages that wound the world are our reprove
They say we thought we were more than we were
and now we must deal with the consequences

But I just want to go home and be with you
I just want to go somewhere safe that isn’t lonely
I just want to be a person

They say I’m a sinner
but I never was anybody
and I don’t want to be any kind of thing

Where’s the song that will save our own lives?
How can just you and me make a better day?
We’re all just people, whatever government raised us

Please hear me

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