Blueprint: USA – World Domination

Blueprint: USA – World Domination

The good is the Light within everyone.
The goal is for the Light to guide us individually and collectively better and better.
The way that happens in individuals is a mental space that allows for more awareness, honesty, clarity, accuracy, competence, kindness, shared joy.
The way it happens for groups is a shared space that allows for more awareness, honesty, clarity, accuracy, competence, kindness, shared joy.
To the degree individuals and groups lack the space for awareness … shared joy, lower impulses win and keep power, and we say the individual or group is “corrupted”.
Good government is respectful, thoughtful, conscientious, open, fair, not-bought.
We need to get better and better at that.

Let’s make Democracy look great!
Let’s make this a place where kindness and creative zest win, and everyone wins, and we have fun while being decent!
We can fight corruption and intolerance by growing a joyful politics: “Oh, how fun to keep sketching new approaches, trying to bring things towards what we all know is preferable: more shared joy, with the solemn understanding that everything is shared, so it may as well be the joy that comes of being present within oneself and with one another! This is fun! I’m not angry with you! I’m thinking with you! I like you! This is fun! Let’s think of different approaches, compare, analyze, discuss! Constant improvement is fun! This is fun!”

Let’s expand our influence throughout the Americas by becoming fully bilingual and encouraging student and business exchanges with Canada, Central America, and South America. Let’s inform the margin-traders who own Puerto Rico’s debt: “that debt is now absolved; you’ll have to accept losing that particular wager”; then let’s make Puerto Rico a state and work it into the hub of our Latin-American outreach. Also, everyone should study some Spanish in grade school, but there should also be lots of programs to learn Chinese, German, Arabic, Urdu, and other international languages; with exchanges of course.

Creativity is worth so much! Both economically and joiedevive-ily So let’s up art, music, dance, literature, Shakespeare, philosophy, drama, but also fun math, logic, computer science, physics, engineering, nature, social justice, comparative religion clubs. I guess some people will also be able to find a way to enjoy chemistry, and we shouldn’t stand in the way of their personal journeys.

How can we encourage the growth of peace and tolerance?
What to do about nuclear weapons, terrorism, global warming, antibiotic resistant bacteria, global pandemics, and so on?

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