Publisher’s Update – Superhero Novella

Publisher’s Update – Superhero Novella

Superhero Novella is available for Kindle, Nook, and Paperback.

The Blurb:
The eternal, superhuman lovebirds Hero & Heroine have awoken from a sixty year torpor caused by losing traction in one another after overstepping their limits and incurring an epically-disheartening divine chastisement.

Have the matchless superduo learned their lesson? Or will the superheroes once again exceed the bounds and upset the metaphysical and natural order? Can they effectively battle what’s bad without getting carried away and making things worse?

Canny Smith and her team of crackerjack intelligence agents hope for the best. Criminal mastermind Leviathan Cupcake Jones and wannabe-mastermind The Whiz don’t even know the heroes are back. Readers like yourself just sit back and, their world not noticeably in play, enjoy the ride!

The first two chapters of this charming romp of metaphysical pulp are < a href="">HERE.

Or for US$3, you can read the whole thing in a couple hours.

Bonus: Book contains a Web Sampler with synopses of and selections from our three web sites (, &

Table of Contents:
Novella Preface
Novella Pt. 1: Introducing the Players
Novella Pt. 2: Introducing New & Furthering Old Acquaintances
Novella Pt. 3: The Story Unfolds, Blossoms Even
Novella Pt. 4: The Tale Unwinds & Slips Down the Rusty-Bar Sewer Drain
That’s the End of the Book!
Optional Addendums to Pt. 1
Optional Addendum to Pt. 2
Novella Afterword
About the Cover
A Web Sampler
Bonus Track: Spiritual Surgery Notes

The Author Speaks:
Editor Amble Whistletown and I are not sure how you’ll like this one.
In an exciting first for us, the book does have a definite character and plot. However, the narrator and editor do butt-in rather often. Still, we believe their interjections fit the mood and don’t derail the general flow of characters/plot/setting/feel.

Maybe we should cut out the narrator’s and editor’s interruptions. Maybe we will. And maybe we’ll combine that abridged version of Superhero Novella with a few readable pieces from the on-the-whole apparently unreadable (what else are we to conclude!?!?) First Loves and First Essays. Maybe that would give our would-be audience a breezy, pleasant, snug read. We don’t want to be so content with our own company that we lose any possible readership.

But before we toss out what’s already been in the name of what might be better:
Maybe this is already a pretty good book.
Maybe this version of the novella and the accompanying selections from our websites can already provide an enjoyable and thought-provoking little adventure.
Maybe! Hard to say.
If you’d like a free ebook of Superhero Novella, write to us at
Tell us if you want it for (Amazon) Kindle or Epub-reader (like the B&N Nook).
[You can get apps to read either .mobi or .epub files on your phone.]
And we’ll email you the book and a few questions about the book, which we’ll hope you’ll answer after you’ve read the book.
That would help give us some idea of how the book connects with people who are neither its author nor its editor.
You know, if you’re interested.
It’s not very long.
It’s only a novella.

In The Purest Available Love,

Bartleby Willard

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