Publisher Update: March 1, 2020

Publisher Update: March 1, 2020

We at Skullvalley After Whistletown Booksellers would like to announce that:
No one cares what anyone does anymore!
That is to say:
Anyone can do anything!

For example, today we published “Superhero Novella” for Kindle and as a print-on-demand book (US$3 & US$8, respectively).
[The book should be up as .mobi, .epub, and print-on-demand in a few days.]
And no one said a word!
No one said, “but has anyone but your fictional staff of fictional authors and fictional editors read this work?”
No one said anything but the oh-so-unobstructive, “OK, whatever”!

We also raised the price on all our ebooks from $2.99 to $3.00.
It may be true that 0 * $2.99 = 0 * $3.00, but $3.00 feels considerably rounder, bolder, nobler.

And then, upon realizing that our “First Essays” cover was so fat that it could barely lope up the steps or squeeze itself into the elevator, we shrank it right down: easy-peasy!
[The price and file-size changes should appear on both Barnes & Nobles and Amazon in a day or three.]

So all and all a triumphant day for SAW Booksellers.
What’s that you say?
Our grand success is based on the world’s grand indifference?
Maybe, maybe baby: but a win’s a win.


The Publishers

A final note: We at SAWB be wrong, but we think this one about superhero lovebirds woken from a 60 year slumber beneath rock and sea and seeking, in fictionalized NYC Summer 2019, a way to help without overstepping wisdom and so doing more harm than good: we believe — although how would we know?? — that this one is pretty readable.

[See for updates on and links to books.]
[First two chapters of “Superhero Novella”:]

Author: B. Willard
Editor: A. Whistletown
Copyright: A. Watson

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