Ch 231: Our Author Falters

Ch 231: Our Author Falters

I don’t know what’s happened to us.
I don’t know what’s become of our story.
If you would tell me what I can do,
I would do that for you whatever you asked.
But here, let us descend into some fiction,
wrought in loneliness,
built of used matchsticks and drips of old candle wax.

Our hero remains Mannkind “Mench” Erlkoenigkin, future Mountain King, and the only human in the Magic Lands. Our tale continues its bellicose way through the tilted plains outside the SWK’s capital city.

How steep is our battlefield? And how does the terrain affect the fighting?

How has Blaise Pirouette reacted to having his army, war, and kingdom commandeered by the evil sorcerer Bellingworth Momrath? Or does Blaise even realize that that’s what’s happened? And is Blaise free to move? Is he even free to feel and think?

And what about Mannkind’s special mission to take out the magic-batteries made of ensnared and strength-drained dragons? And what is happening in this battle? And what is Queen Melanie Nieblungslied up to all the while? And did Rem Hector really die after almost undoing Samuel Mwynglawdder? And what about Mannkind’s loved ones? The beautiful Susan, chosen of his heart; and the beautiful but passed over Esmeralda; and his sister the bossy little Ellen and his father the gentle Giovanni?

And the gods? And the Great God? And religion? And the dragons on their island? And our story’s other hero, the accidental seducer of Purest Love, laid now dead in the Magic Realm and comatose in his wife’s trembling arms?

This story I fear has sprawled beyond your narrator’s shallow reach. To speak nothing of the role that Pure Love is to play in all this.

Please, we beg of you, angels in the skies and gods scattered o’er land and sea.
Please, we beseech thee, Great God and Greater Love:
Can’t someone somehow bend down low,
us enfold, upon us low things now bestow
a touch of divine love
just enough from above
to expand our hearts our minds
and with them this tale, these lines?

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