Is there anything I could do? Tell me what you want of me and I’ll do it.

I want you to go to hell.

Yeah, you got that across from before, and I’ve done it. Is there anything else you’d like me to do? Anything you want me to pick up from hell? Never-ending fire for your heating system, or to sell to a power plant? The eternal bellyaching of damned souls to encourage children to say their prayers at night? Complete separation from God — for those evenings when you really don’t want anyone looking over your shoulder?

I want you to get lost.

I been done that! I’m lost without ever knowing you, without ever saying anything any good to you. Are you sure you don’t want me to do something different? Something new? Or do you just want me to stay lost? I can do it, if it is what’s best for me to do. I just thought maybe we could start again, from the beginning. Like those last several years were just a warm up, but now it’s for real.



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