Between 2 Gs Sonnet

Between 2 Gs Sonnet

Us interwoven spattered gobs sublime,
must each and ev’ry all together meet
In time sometimes but out of time all times.
You two who never do the other greet–
Not even once

My childhood heart yet spans you both my friends
from then, now flung wide out by fate’s broad arc.
Two disciplined safe Christian family men
Debating doctrines, love still hits the mark.
–Enough of the introductions–
Now I must me, untamed sleek chargers sick,
Return to arid scrag and spreading creek.

Author: Oh, you know.
Editors: AMW/BW
Copyright: AMW (since he exists as a legal entity, and BW only as the outskirts of a daydream)

Afternote: I just now changed “monsters” to “chargers” (meaning, I guess, war horses; I may change it to “horses” or something else; leave that word as the warbly, quantum-fluctuating note.

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