Who Can Stop the Evil Rondeau?

Who Can Stop the Evil Rondeau?

America, cross the sea
Jerusalem, watching me
In Africa, with long round coast
In China, mit einem sanften ‘Prost!’
It’s everywhere we may be

Who can this Evil business stop?
A field of clovers sidely flops
Who’ll carry us to better worlds?
A dash of legwork a jig construes

We all together can all
the Evil altogether halt.
linked histories, shaped by whips
and shackles loosed and slipped;
as one, answering the call,
our many voices, shapes, and hues.

Author: BW/AW
copyright: AMW

Editor’s Note: “mit einem sanften ‘Prost'” is “with a soft ‘cheers!'” in German.
Language most likely chosen because (1) it is a non-English-language the author easily speaks; & (2) “Prost!” rhymes with “coast”.

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