What is Love? #6

What is Love? #6

Living inside you, burrowing through
Your unfolding maze.
Living for you, wrestling with you
Held in your gaze.

Exhausted. Tired.
Falling. In my bones.
Beaten. Sleeping.
Caught out and done.

Hand me down, where is love,
What is anything to touch,
Where does the dying come from?
So very tired, like a slashed girl
Bleeding away on the side
Of cobbled stone way

What is Love? What is Real?
Where can I be? Who can I hear?
I want no other, only the Lover
Who never backs down.
Some kind of Goodness
Where is the Godspark
I’m all alone

Lift up my hands now
Heaven just stands by
When will I know by
How will I know by

I want no other, no kinder lover,
Only the seashore rolling me home.
How strange the salt spray
How cold the sand today
Corpse at the beachhead
Tin can helmet
Filling with water
Tumbling on smooth stones
Let him alone.
Someone will miss him
Someone will have to
Marry another.
Bury her brother
Cry on about a son.
Who is the reason?
What is the caesar
Guiding this caravan?

What is Love?
What is Love?
Is there a God still?
Is there a Truth yet?
What should we ask for
Here on our own?


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