What is Love? #5

What is Love? #5

What is Love?
Everyday, blood whisking through
Artery tubes and veins too
Keeps us pumping, thumping strong
Keeps us jumping, right or wrong.

What is Love?
The monster it hurts us,
Hump-backed old sack
Teeth green sharp mismatched.
The monster it lumps out,
Yellow squid eyes searching.
Long scaled fingers lurching
Down to us, to undo us again.

What is Love?
What will sustain us?
What could contain our
Fiery fever, deep-seated reason,
Heart on a table, gut in hand.
So warm, so refreshing
surely progressing,
Making us strong.

Love does it suffer?
Love does it wallow?
Love is it hollow
Like a snug valley
Where we belong?
Love is it fiercesome?
Love is it boisterous?
Can it be wrong?

Come on and hold us,
Come here and show us
What we’ve come from.


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