What a Spot to be in!

What a Spot to be in!

I can’t get past it, the spot I’m in.
I can’t lose it, the drag that’s got me.
I can’t undo it, the catch that’s rolled me.

Who’s gonna help you now?
Who’s got your back in this here time?

I can’t shake it off, the hurt that runs through.
I can’t run it off, the scream blaring out.
I can’t call it off, the drip that’s done.

Where you turn your face?
We all know you can’t keep the pace.

Hey, honey child, come on now, come on.
I ain’t gonna hurt nobody.
Lord knows I got enough on my mind
without making me more.

I can’t carry this forever.
How long I been sayin that?
I can’t keep this up always.
How long I said that?

It don’t matter.
Walk down the street.
Talk into the dark.
Walk in the warm wet air.
Tell it all the ricochets.
Repeat; twenty years pass.

This has to change
And so on.
Doesn’t fix it.
The papers have fallen onto the floor
they are scattered everywhere
the binders are flopped open
and have spilled millions of pages
fanning out all over the sidewalk
street little gardens around the trees
oh dear
oh my dear
What to do?

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