To A Girl Behind Me

To A Girl Behind Me

I saw you walking down the long,
the many-pausing stairs
while I was walking up them.
You saw me and you quivered
–unless I overstate–
within your naked lines.
I saw you and I wanted
to somehow cross the distance.

And now by chance unglimpsed
you sit here in this room
where I too lonesome sit down
but at a separate cubby spot
on a table three rows above.

You are so fair and soft
so full in youth’s best stance.
A man is made for longing strong
at breasts and thighs and spots
too sacred for the coarseness of words.

A man is just a much-tossed branch
upon capricious ocean’s roar.
I want a deeper sounding down
into a firmer home.
But with you and me and desire
still intact and bouncing free.

Goodbye. We’ll never meet
since I can’t see me floating up
above the linoleum floors
and finding words and looks
that make a hello good.

I loved you with the pitter patter
of another unknown daydream
that erupted violently
just because
I’m a person.


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