Did I tell you that i give up?

Did I tell you that i give up?

Did I think to mention
that I’m quitting

Did I remember to say
that I’ve given up
once and for all?

Sleep through work
and watch 80s videos
on YouTube,
drinking a mineral
or yesterday’s beer.

Did I tell you that I cannot
stand another day of this?

But what is the problem?
And where is someone who cares?

I live alone
I want to go home
I want to get out of this
I want this to stop
I want to stop wasting life
but I do not know how
I want the pressure off
and the noise to quit.

Loud bored old pointless
hurt in the pit and spread
up and down and all through,
even narrowing my face
by pushing the spot
between my two eyes
so my faces collapses
upon itself.

No one to talk to.
Keep talking to myself
No one to turn to.
Keep calling to myself

Bored, lonely, unable to face the task
any real task
shuffling papers
and waiting life out
Not good
how to stop

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