This Hurt

This Hurt

It drags you down
It folds your shoulders in
It pinches your face in half.
It disassembles you and laughs you off.
It hurts it hurts it hurts.

Will someone listen to you?
Will someone hold you now?
Before it is too late?
It hurts all the time
Like a gong ringing
through your every spot
Make it stop
But you can’t

Will someone please help?
They can’t get down there,
They can’t get to the split
open oozing vibrating scream
They can’t get there and you can’t either
All alone here where the wind blows
and the shutters rattle
and the bogie man rustles with the shadows.

It gets old
It gets dull
It becomes always strange
like a drug trip
separated from the world
aloof because the hurt
is louder than their talk

Let me go make it stop
all the time like tentacles
wrapped around and tugging down
You hate it but who cares?
So quiet here by the orange trickling water
coming down the shattered shale shelving
so quiet when there’s nothing to say.

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