The Story of Isaac

The Story of Isaac

A young boy walks up a sandy mountainside with his father, a righteous man who has found favor with the Lord, the creator and sustainor of all things. A young boy in the time before time, his cloak sunny and flecked with dust, walks up the hill, wondering what’s up.

An old man who talks with God walks with a heavy heart up a grade a little steep for his years. Why has God asked this of him? Everything was going so well. And yet everyone knows that it’s not supposed to be easy. If it was easy, it wouldn’t be real–right?

Isaac, just a boy. Come along, I’ve got a need.
Isaac, just a lad. Skip to it, I’m commanded.
Isaac, just a kid.

What does God ask of me?
What do I invent?
What does God let me get away with?
Where do I embellish?

Who takes Isaac by the hand,
up to the cutting stone?

Betrunkene Nutzlosigkeit

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