The Sixth Man

The Sixth Man

There’s one more attendee at the meeting.
He’s just so tough!
It’s like unbelievable.
I can’t believe it.
You wouldn’t be able to believe it.
He’s so tough!
As a hand to hand combatant, an individual warrior, and a strategist and leader of platoons of violent heroes.
So amazingly tough!

He looks out the window, his muscles calm but ready in a very cool all-black cat-prowler outfit (the ribbed sweater, tight slacks, upturned knit cap, polished leather high-top thick-soul boots). He doesn’t care. He knows what he knows. He could kill everyone in the room, but he won’t. Instead he’ll consider the past as it shuffles by their floor-to-ceiling one-way windows. Everything’s come together to make him a truly standout killing-machine. But compared to them, he’s just some kid waiving a knobby, bark-peeling stick around, pretending it’s a Gatling gun. Everyone good at violence is now obsolete. Everyone who trained a lifetime in the art of war has now officially invested poorly. With a thought they can kill everyone in your world. With a thought they can save everyone in your world. You are now nothing. Your skills are now a not very funny joke. Soon they will begin.

I mean, the guy’s so tough! In any other circumstance, he’d be quite formidable and worth a great deal of consideration and a considerable salary.

They’ll do what they do.
It’s not fair.
But you find me the god or God that ever cared about “fair”!

In the next scene, we argue against Rattlesnake’s assessment of the super heroes. They are mighty mighty, but they can’t go it alone and there’s sure to be a use for someone with his impressive skill set!!

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