The Nature of Reality

The Nature of Reality

Everything is God
God is Love
Everything is Love

Why does it seem like there’s other things besides spiritual Love in existence?
It is God/Love’s pleasure to in some angles sometimes hide from Itself.

What are humans for?
I don’t know what we’re for, but what we do is study the formless infinite-infinity of God/Love through illusionary forms. In this way, we develop insight and faith that is more nuanced than if we were to stare all the time directly in the face of God/Love. When we die, the illusions disappear and we are left only with God/Love recalling how It moved through the forms.

That’s why you sometimes hear that good people live forever and bad people die when they die. The more you live this life in Godly Love, the more you inhabit eternity with your own feeling/thinking/acting, and to the degree you do that, the transition from life to death is more of a funny, pleasant, sweet, delightful, tickling, giggling joke than it is a jarring sorrowing bad joke. To the degree you live in and through and for the Love that chooses all, your death is a confirmation of your life’s work and a continuation of that path. To the degree you don’t live like that, your death is a whoops, a start-over, a, well, there’s a real lot here we’re going to have to toss right out, because, well, actually, it isn’t even there anymore, we’d set our conscious focus in something that does not exist, and therefore we failed to engage in what does exist, and so, well, that’s a shame, and we are not at all what we thought we were, where we felt ourselves to be, those violent certainties and showy passions are not here in Reality, and so we have to meet ourselves all over again.

Any other wise words for our readers?
Godly Love is gentle.
It is not judgy.
It is careful.
It is deep and wide.
It doesn’t push away or pull towards, but merely abides as infinite all-encompassing, all-embracing Love, being all — the kind of all beyond being and nonbeing.
God’s Love is never mean, selfish, pushy, arrogant.
God’s Love is gentle, and wisdom is careful, gentle, and loving with everyone always no matter what.

Author: Jack Sprat
Editor: Big Berta Sprat with Paleo Pam Sprat
Production: B. Willard & A. Whistletown
Copyright: AM Watson and his one man band

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