Alcoholic Logic

Alcoholic Logic

I’ve come this far
It would be a shame to give up now
When I am so very close
to finally escaping
all my incompletions
all my falterings
all that is wrong and hollow in life

There will be time enough
once I’ve broke out past
all limitations
to reflect
to consider
to review and edit
my drinking

this buzz is just
a Buddha-ladder
for to climb beyond
all human notions
into the sublime
to where heaven and earth
inside each human-thing,
inside even me, even now

clear as day,
the right and good thing to do
is to drink a bit more,
explode into the infinite
safety and thriving
at which the animal pines
and only the Spirit can deliver.
Once I’m one with holy Love,
I won’t need these rafts
to get me to the other side
won’t require these ladders
to climb the heights
And the drinking
will gently
turn itself down
and all will be well


Author: Fred the Stairstepper
Editor: William of Wonkatown
Innocent Bystanders: Bartleby Willard & Amble Whistletown
Copyright: Andrew M. Watson

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