The Nature of Evil

The Nature of Evil

I love you. All I want is to love and be loved by you, to give you what you need and get from you what I need. All I want is to be a man while you be a woman. All I want is to know you. To know you better ever moment.

So I see. That I am like the rest.

The world? The people of the world? Everyone in the world? Nuclear Armageddon? The collapse of democracy? The rise of evil regimes where only evil behavior is rewarded? The fulfillment of blind-cynicism’s/-following’s (you alternate as it suits you, don’t you?) promise?

Well, yeah, that’s a shame.


All I want is to sneak away from the fray and be safe with you, somewhere nice.

Everyone has their price.

Maybe if the Fates came right out and said, “you either have to serve your family or the needs of the many”, some of us would choose the needs of the many. But the questions are never put to us so simply, and in the end we always just love our little world and let everyone else go down the tubes. We always end up letting things slide to our advantage.

But of course, “your family or the world” is almost always a false dichotomy. Still one can most fundamentally serve Love for all or love for one’s cozy situation and those that make it feel like home; and we all choose the former.

But of course, the most evil comes when we sacrifice the normal, human-sized loves for grand notions. There is perhaps a faith that put the needs of the many above one’s happy little home; but that faith does what it can to preserve one’s happy little home — it isn’t this grandstanding faith that sacrifices kindness towards one’s nearest and dearest for giant daydreams about being RIGHT.

I don’t want you to go. But what is right for you? For me? For us? For everyone else?

I hurt inside. The loneliness eats me from the inside out. I see hear smell sense you and I feel like a drowning man suddenly so close to shore. He panics. He takes on more water in his lungs. He throws his feet down over and over again — they have to hit ground! They just have to. Because he is too tired and confused to swim any further. Anyway, part of him is certain it’s a mirage. After all, he’s seen the shore before only to find out that he hadn’t; or maybe he had but somehow he lost his way from it; or somehow something anyway he’s still out there in slipping over and stumbling beneath the frosty waves.

How can we organize ourselves, our communities, our nations, and our world so that we serve and live in accordance with the Love that, no matter the circumstance, always gently and humbly seeks, finds, and chooses kind shared joy? Does such a wisdom exist? And, if so, how can we organize the structures within which we feel, think, and act so that that wisdom flourishes?

Evil is when systems for feeling/thinking/acting — individuals, groups, communities, governments, etc — make decisions (self-consciously or not) that make feeling/thinking/acting in ways that are aware/clear/honest/accurate/open-hearted/-minded/competent/win-win/kind/sharing/joyful more difficult, more dangerous, and less rewarding.

Doing evil = corrupting systems for feeling/thinking/acting. Evil is discouraging systems from facing, opening up to, and flowing off of the Light within and through all thins — the Lovelight that alone Knows what is going on, what really matters, and how we should behave.

How? How to move away from more evil and towards more good? It must involve being true to the True Good (aka: The Light / Love / you know). But so much evil has been done in the name of this or that name for the True Good.

How to strike the right balance? We must awaredly prioritize is beyond ideas, rules, and deeds. But we must also use ideas, rules, and deeds as boundaries to keep us from getting carried away and mistaking vague conglomerations of feelings and ideas for insights so grand that they justify most anything. How to put God first without forgetting that our ideas and feelings about God are not the same as God?

Bartleby against the Evil!
Bartleby has no chance against the Evil.
He’ll have to change the game.

Author: BW
Editor: AW
Copyright: AM Watson

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