Apparently there’s been some kind of a mix-up.

I wanted to know you.
To marry you.
To be a good choice for you.
I thought maybe I could figure out a way to put it together for you so we could be together and love each other and be happy and safe.
I thought maybe

But now it feels like I can’t do anything except watch walls of rolling waters rushing to sweep me out to sea.
And I feel so tired.
So sleepy.
And vaguely wrong, or at least refuted — even though my thought is too blurry to follow the proof.

Why does this person end up with that person?
I’ve never understood the process, or the logic.

I try to let the God guide me, but there’s a serious risk of self-deception with that method.
I try to go with what feels right, but there’s a serious risk of self-deception with that method.
I try to tell the truth, but there’s a serious risk of self-deception with that method.

It takes two hearts to make a love story.

The Knight of Faith VERSUS the plain old lunatic VERSUS the self-deluded would-be Romeo VERSUS a nice, wholesome, well-intentioned, good-natured, understandable mix-up.

It must’ve been some kind of a mix-up.

We’ll say it was love, but also a mix-up.
In any case, it’s okay.
I want you to be happy.
I don’t want anything that is not good for you.

The portal is closing.
I have to enter.
They’re expecting me over there.
I love you.

Let’s not say Goodbye or Farewell.
Let’s just remember that all sentient beings are mixed up together forever, and while it might be nice to rest one’s head upon a special somebody’s physical shoulder, we all belong to everyone and no one. We all belong to each other and to God and to the Nothing At All.
Ah! But I sound like a foghorn in the desert!
Goodbye! Farewell!
You, you, oh, but Camus was right when he said that those beings that prick our souls and overwhelm us with beauty, confusion, and longing are great benefactors: You don’t need to win the princess for her to show you what Love is like.

Wait a minute!
I have it now!
We need a system.
Against the Evil.
Pure Love.
We’ll coat the entire enterprise in Pure Love.

Author: BW
Editor: AW
Copyright: AMW

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