The Lonely Light

The Lonely Light

Come flicking through the sheets
of thick seaside fog
coiled round and round the wires
where plump breasty flaps
sidle, ruffle, stare
settle down with a frown.

Come chasing the horn dark and blue
that beeps against the damp
that sneaks across the lawn,
and bores through the wool,
to lace your squishy flesh–
where centipedes curl
to balls of sleep-sleep time
for a thousand stupid years.

Fiends, ah friends!
Gather ’round,
bring it down,
pass it on!
Let it burn
as you turn
towards me
goblets held
for all to see!

Right you are
my bright lil star
who twinkle twinkle
in my scar-crossed eye!

This light’s stolen sure
from vulture’s jagged crook
above a sandy floor
about an aqua hook,
as bone dry air laughs
quiet and rough.

Creepy, sinister, parched air
that never did care
who within its stale breathe
caught a rattled death,
a lonesome, weary, bright but dreary,
sorrowful soft

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